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K-Mail Spam Settings 
This screen allows you to setup the spam filtering that occurs when you press the "Check" button in WebMail.
  • Apply Spam Filter - Check the checkbox, select the level and then "save" to turn this option on. If a message is rated equal to or above this setting then it will be moved into your Spam folder when you check mail.
  • Server Spam settings - another link to the "Friends Settings" (see "Options - Friends").
  • Reject List - When you check mail, if a message is from an email address in your reject list, it will be automatically destroyed, unless you have selected to keep these messages in your Trash folder (using the checkbox).
  • Accept - If you've used the reject list to reject a group of email addresses (e.g., "*"), then you can use the accept list to allow individual email addresses through that would otherwise be rejected, (e.g. "").
  • Save - Save when you have finished.
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  Forum  K-Mail  Spam Filtering  K-Mail Spam Settings

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