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Filtering Rules 

You can set up filtering rules to identify particular messages, and then move, copy, forward, or delete them.


  • If the -- section contains - Select the part of the Email you want to filter on. If the section selected contains whatever you put in the text field then it will be filtered.
  • Move to folder - Select folder to receive filtered Email. Message will be not appear in the Inbox.
  • Copy to folder - Select folder to receive filtered Email. Message will also appear in the Inbox.
  • Forward to Email address - Message will be forwarded to the Email address entered here. Check "Delete forwarded Email" to delete message from your message list.
  • Delete - Delete the identified message before you even see it.
  • Add Filter - Select the position of your filter (see below).The default will add filter after the last one in list.
  • Position - Filters are processed according to position (1 then 2, etc). Therefore if an Email matches more than one filter (e.g. From "" with the subject of "Coffee"), the matched filter with the lowest Position number will be processed first. If an Email has been moved or deleted, no more filters will be applied to that Email.
  • Filter - Description of the filter. Clicking on the filter allows you to modify it.
  • Up/Down arrows - This moves the selected filter up or down 1 position.
  • Delete - This link will delete the filter.
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  Forum  K-Mail  Custom Filters  Filtering Rules

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